Tuesday, November 4, 2014


Ministry teams from the USA or Canada are WELCOME at Hope House.  As a non-profit, Hope House has ongoing needs.  Please consider sending a team to Mexico and be blessed by the experience. When your team arrives, they can look forward to serving in a variety of ways. If a trip is not possible, perhaps consider contributing financially. All monies donated are used 100% for monthly maintenance.  A Ministry Team outreach consists of two major parts: A WORK PROJECT at Hope House, or a FUN ACTIVITY (day field trip) or MINISTRY project with the boys.  Please read and email Hope House and let us answer any questions you may have.  MUCHO GRACIAS!  EMAIL: admin@hopehousemx.org

Painting a building, or rooms
Sealing the roofs
Painting trim, walls or safety areas
Constructing a wall, sidewalk, building, shed
Installation of a fence, solar elect or water
General electricity and/or plumbing
General maintenance: cutting grass, using weed eater, 
picking up rocks on playing field, laying sod or gravel. 
Creating a ministry informational or promotional video

Sample MINISTRY projects: 
VBS Vacation Bible Study
Craft projects
Daily devotionals
Sporting camp
Jesus Film (or other)

Free days at Chapala Malacon or Ajijic Tiqngues
Taco dinner for team with or without boys 
Last Supper- team dines out at a local restaurant
Field trip with boys: to the local water park named Tobolandia, the movies, the PARK.

We can house teams up to 16 individuals. (youth, adult, families, a mix.) Hope House has four rooms, so they must be divided appropriately according to gender or family members. There is a B&B housing option for teams of 14 or less members. Under special circumstances, larger teams can be accommodated. 

Ministry Team cost:
$500 USD per person for a 5-8 day outreach
Additional $250 USD for B & B option
Additional fees vary according to the projects and activities selected.

What does Ministry Team cost include?
Once in Mexico: transportation to and from airport and all ministry activities, basic meals, purified drinking water, housing, ministry-set-up, translators, and a T-shirt. A portion of all team money is donated directly to Hope House General Operations.

EMAIL the dates your church is considering: admin@hopehousemx.org

Ministry teams arrive and depart on Saturdays. We advise NOT to drive through Mexico after 9:00 PM. Plan to remain SAFE when traveling by car or bus and stop at rated hotels before 9:00 pm. Again we thank you for taking the time to consider Hope House. MUCHO GRACIAS!!

Sunday, November 2, 2014


Hope House has needs for practical items:  
·         Toilet paper, laundry soap, vinegar
·         Body soap, shampoo
·         Cleaning supplies, fabuloso, mops
·        LED bulbs, flashlights, rechargeable lanterns
·         Tennis shoes, flip flops
·         Clothes baskets (4 or more )
·         School pants by 20th of Nov each year ( $700 pesos )
·         Printer ink - HP Deskjet 5525: Negra (Black), Cian (Cyan), Magenta (Magenta), Amarillo (Yellow)  - 670 (and/or 670 XL)

·         Our donated “gently-used” computers require a little upgrading. Hope House creates a computer lab with these computers, but wifi will not reach the lab from our office. The cost to upgrade all the computers and install network connections so they can all be online will be roughly $5,000 pesos. ($370 USA approximate)

Our administrative staff meets Monday and Friday mornings and during our time together we discuss any needs and attempt to maintain a current list. This November 2014 list of practical needs is constantly evolving. EMAIL for current list: 


Dani has got to be one of the cutest little guys in the world! His smile and sparkling eyes captured my heart the first time I saw him. He is one of five new boys living at Hope House.

Corn (maiz) is an essential element of every Mexican families' diet. Corn tortillas and tamales, all made from masa, or grounded corn, can be found for sale on every street corner and on the table of every home in Mexico. In the same way that the "dinner roll" is a Southern necessity with dinner, a Mexican meal is not complete unless served with corn tortillas. As the harvesting begins, corn can be found literally everywhere. The preferred method of preparing it is to roast it over an open fire. Fire roasted corn is an autumn tradition where we live. Dani's corn is just the way he wanted it: blackened! He kept saying "Roast it more, roast it more!”

It is always bittersweet when new boys arrive at Hope House. On one hand we know that now they will experience love and kindness in ways many of them have never experienced before, but on the other hand, we know that their story is usually one of great tragedy and pain. Many boys arrive scared and shy, some arrive angry and then there are others who seem to be happy to have the opportunity to begin a new life. Dani is one of the happy ones. He arrived with a smile on his face, and his smile has not only captured my heart but also those of our staff. It's as if the entire world is Dani's stage and wherever he goes he turns heads and wins hearts.

Saturday, November 1, 2014

How your GIFT of HOPE works

Sow a SEED by making a GIFT of HOPE into the good soil of Hope House and watch that seed produce a healthy crop of productive teens.  100% of all gifts go to Hope House without a management fee.  The Hope House is registered under the name of Casa Hogar Una Esperanza en el Corazon, A.C. as a Mexican Civil Association located in Ixtlahuacan de los Membrillos, Jalisco, Mexico.   (the A.C. is an abbreviation for Asociación Civil) Mexico recognizes two types of not-for-profit institutions: Civil Associations (A.C.) and Religious Associations (A.R.). Only a church can be a religious association and this is very closely monitored by the government. Because of our community outreach directly to minors, Hope House is a civil association, and also closely monitored by state and local governmental entities. Therefore the name "Hope House" is not registered in Mexico or in the U.S.  Shepherd's Heart Ministries, Inc., is the  501(c)(3)  nonprofit organization in the USA that receives donations for supporting Hope House financially.  All financial activity is monitored and regularly audited by the Secretaria de Hacienda.  All financial records are available to the public. Click here for more information on Shepherd's Heart Ministries, Inc.  Hope House is overseen by a Board of Directors who are supervised by the Mexican government agencies IJAS (Instituto Jaliscience de Asistencia Social), and Consejo Estatal de Familia. Click here to visit  HOPE HOUSE WEBSITE .  We believe all true gifts come as God moves in the hearts of His people.  Our joy is to inform and give opportunity without imposing undue obligation or pressure.  The identity of our donors is kept confidential. We do NOT sell or rent names to other organizations. Herein are the current methods of receiving financial gifts: 


A) PAYPAL link found on the HOPE HOUSE WEB link - one time donations or regular monthly donations can be made efficiently on PAYPAL

B) Write a personal check and MAIL in USA:
* Make check payable to: Shepherd's Heart Ministries, Inc.
* Designate donation on check to: The Hope House
* MAIL TO:  Shepherd's Heart Ministries, Inc
                   135 Bill Cox Road
                   Jonesborough, TN 37659

C)  Transfer funds directly to Shepherdʼs Heart Ministries, Inc. account in the U.S. for the Hope House. Please email donate@shmius.org for more information.

D) Mexican residents or expats can write USA or Canadian checks or give cash in dollars, or pesos and deliver to Hope House.  Any check written MUST be made payable to this full name if delivered to Hope House directly: Casa Hogar Una Esperanza en el Corazón, A.C.

Since 2008 the founders Rodney Dutro and his wife Kina have served full time at Hope House. With four daughters at home, Rodney delights in spending quality time with the boys and watching their confidence and faith grow.  Prior to Hope House, Rodney and his wife worked for four years at another orphanage in Chapala, Jalisco, Mexico.  Rodney and Kina work closely with a greatly respected board of Directors and together they have diligently worked to maximize all sources of funding to make Hope House not only efficient, but they have produced a "happy" environment for their staff. 
Solar system donated by Rotary Club Ajijic
1) Solar power has reduced energy costs significantly.  
2) The organic garden produces a great supply of food.  
3) The wood shop has increased revenues while teaching a trade.

If you choose to visit Hope House you will notice a standard of excellence that is maintained by a cohesive and congenial staff.  Hope House is a place where volunteers actually enjoy serving, and so they return regularly.  This says a lot about Hope House management.

The monthly overhead is $15,000 USA dollars.  This amount pays minimum wages, insurance, gas, electricity, truck repairs and building maintenance. This facility provides safety for up to 25 boys. It operates by the ongoing generous support of:
EMAIL HOPE HOUSE: admin@hopehousemx.org
PHONE HOPE HOUSE: In Mexico 376-762-0032
Rio Lerma No. 4
Col. Aqua Escondida
Ixtlahuacan de los Membrillos
Jalisco, México 45850


The first annual fund raiser was held at the historical Railroad Station in Chapala on Saturday November 15, 2014.   Many people worked for months behind the scenes to make this event successful. Dr Pinto and friends cooked up a fantastic meal and the Hope House Boys served us under a canopy on the green grounds of this spectacular museum.  The silent auction was very profitable as it featured beautiful items that the boys had crafted in the wood shop. Kina Dutro announced her gratitude for the support of all who attended.  Hope House plans to hold their second annual fund raiser at this fantastic location once again next year.  The boys had fun and we are entirely thankful to God for His many blessings.  MUCHO GRACIAS to all who supported Hope House!

Sunday, July 27, 2014


Hope House is dedicated to providing abandoned, abused, poverty-stricken boys with a safe and loving home. All children receive a primary education and vocational training. They are taught relational skills that enable them to mature socially and develop needed confidence. Hope House is a children's shelter that provides housing and foster care for boys from the age of 6-18. Government agencies take these boys from unsafe homes and place them in the foster care of registered orphanages while permanent housing is found, a process that may take several years. Boys that had zero dreams and most often, no birth certificate, are given genuine encouragement and a schedule of disciplined hours to learn to read and write. They also learn about God, His
ways, His love and His promises.  When the boys arrive, they have no possessions only the clothes they are wearing. Often times they came from homes that did not have running water, or a roof. Some have never sat at a table to eat a meal, been to school, or owned something as meager as a belt, a blanket, or a coffee mug of their own.  Many have been the subject of horrific abuse, or they have personally watched their mothers and siblings being beaten, even die at the hand of their father.  Hope House is a faith-based organization that operates with the help of volunteers and from donations by people who desire to make a difference in the life of a child. 

Upon arriving at Hope House, each boy receives clean clothing, a school uniform, their own bunk and a coffee mug with their name on it. All boys are given the opportunity to earn merits for good behavior and doing chores. By collecting good merits they can purchase luxury items such as hair cream, new shoes, books, cologne and other prized personal possessions.   

All boys receive medical and dental care.  They also receive counseling from a qualified therapist. Once a boy reaches the age of 18, according to the Mexican government, the teen must depart from any state authorized institution.  Hope House works hard to prepare them by teaching the boys how to read, write and a trade that will allow them to be self-supporting.

Hope House receives 2-3 calls per week from the Mexican government with candidates to interview.  All boys admitted to Hope House have been rescued by the government from an unsafe home. Because of limited funds and qualified staffing, Hope House is unable to provide a home for any boy that has tested positive for drug abuse.  Find out how you could make a difference. Click onto the HOPE HOUSE NEWS link entitled: How your GIFT of HOPE works --- Thanks!

Thursday, July 24, 2014


Hope House grew out of Rodney and Kina Dutro's heart's desire to serve God by helping the needy. This couple dreamed of reaching out to the under privileged, the orphans, families and individuals. Shepherd’s Heart Ministries Inc. was founded in 1995. Rodney Dutro is an ordained minister through Calvary Church, which is a part of the Calvary Alliance of Churches. Both Rodney and Kina have received a Master of Arts in Christian Theology from Life Christian University and they both hold several secular degrees as well.  The Dutro's dream resulted in their early mission work teaching English as a Second Language in Hong Kong, traveling to India to document a children’s home and leading many short-term mission teams to Mexico. What they experienced on these travels transformed their lives and left them with a passion to serve God and provide an answer to the cries of poverty and hopelessness they encountered. Inspired by the passionate description of the “heart” of a shepherd rescuing a sheep from the mouth of a lion. God's word Amos 3:12.  The Dutro's received their 501(c)(3) status in 2002.  
They effectively helped increase awareness and turn hearts toward the underprivileged and in 2008, they founded Hope House, a home for abused, abandoned and neglected boys ages 2-18.  In obedience to God’s calling, in 2008 they also moved to Mexico as full-time missionaries. Living among the people in a small “pueblo” they began to learn the language and culture of rural Mexico. For years they assisted poor families through a Sponsor-A-Child program which allowed children living in poverty to have nourishing meals, receive an education and medical care. The program also offered emergency financial assistance to families, bible studies, English classes and practical infant care seminars.  Over the years, Shepherd’s Heart has co-labored with many churches, ministries and missionaries both in the United States and Mexico to help meet the spiritual and physical needs of the poor and destitute.

It is the policy of Shepherd's Heart Ministries, Inc. to honestly share the challenges and situations we face. We make these needs and potential solutions known so that our ministry partners can prayerfully consider sharing financially.  We are responsible in our management, truthful in our advertising,  cost-effective in our purchasing, and prudent when applying funds towards the most important needs.  As responsible stewards, when funding requirements for a designated need or project are met, the policy of Shepherd's Heart Ministries, Inc is to apply any excess funds to the next priority, project of Hope House in Mexico.